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Welcome to Charmouth Cherubs Playgroup!

We are a baby and toddler playgroup based in Charmouth, Dorset.

Come and join us for play, fun, games, activities, singing, a cuppa and a chat!

Open every Wednedsay Term time 9:30-11:30am

£1.50 per child. (additional children 50p), first session free.

All welcome!

Summer term news update

A couple of weeks ago we were sorry to say goodbye to Lindsay as one of the organisers of Cherubs. She continued to run sessions for several months despite moving back to Blanford Forum in the New Year but now needs to concentrate on her new career in childminding. We hope to see Lindsay again from time to time when she is in the area and she has kindly offered to help with the cake stand at the Fayre. Lindsay made a great contribution to Charmouth Cherubs which included setting up this website. If anyone else would like to help run Cherubs we would very much appreciate it. It would involve running a session every 3-4 weeks (depending how many volunteers there are) and helping set up and pack away when possible in between. It's lots of fun thinking up activities, I particularly like the messy ones I wouldn't do at home! If you are interested please have a chat with us when you visit Cherubs or use the contact form on this site to send me an email.

Thanks to the Charmouth Traders Association we have some new equipment, especially for babies. There is a lovely mix of ages from a few months up to pre-school. This will be the last term at Cherubs for those older ones, Freya and Scott start school in September. Due to the logistics of school drop offs, playgroup pick-ups...etc Kathryn and I have decided that while keeping the finish time of 11.30am we will need to go back to the later start time of 10am to allow time to set up from September. Although slightly shorter we will still make time for an activity, snack time and singing and you are welcome to come in earlier while we set up if that is more convenient. The hall hire rate has increased but we will not increase the price which means it will have stayed the same over two hall hire rises.

Returning to mention of the cake stand at the Fayre we would be very grateful to anyone who can make cakes or sweets for us to sell. A poster will go up nearer the time. Also, if any of the groups around Charmouth would like to come and do an activity with the children that would be lovely. The Library Service did some story reading in Autumn and the Children's Service have come a couple of times.


Summer is on the way!

The spring term has flown by we have enjoyed various seasonal activities including pea planting, mothers day card making and Easter basket making.

We have also enjoyed visits from Treats Toy Library and the Family Information Service. We have continuing support from the Lyme Regis and Birdport children’s centre and they have loaned us equipment including the sensory tent, which was a big hit with the children.

Thank you very much to the Traders Association for their recent donation to cherubs. We used this to buy a sensory play mat, bouncy chair and river stepping stones.

The first session of the summer term is the 27th April and we will be making crowns for the Royal Wedding!

Thank you to all the families who continue to attend Charmouth Cherubs, we look ward to another fun term and many more to come.



Happy New Year from Charmouth Cherubs!

We have had a fantastic first term running Charmouth Cherubs and have been delighted to see lots of new faces join those returning after the summer holidays. We have also had a baby boom with several new under one’s coming along which has been lovely.

The autumn/winter term has flown by. Highlights include making muffins, bulb planting, a visit from the library, making Christmas decorations, making Christmas cards and a visit from Mrs Santa Claus at the Christmas party.

We have put together a programme for the New Year which includes a visit from the Treats Toy Library on 26th Jan along with many other fun activities.

We have changed the time of the session to 9.30am – 11.30am

Cherubs will return after the Christmas break on Wednesday 12th January 2011.

The hall will be open from 9am while we set up, early arrivals are very welcome. We hope that the new time will be more convenient for those dropping older children at school and will give everyone more time to get home afterwards for lunch or naps.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of Charmouth Cherubs by chatting to us at the session or by putting your comments and suggestions in an email.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Best wishes for the New Year from Lindsay, Caroline and Kathryn.



New Faces at Charmouth Cherubs!

Kate Bonner has run Charmouth Cherubs for three years, the last two of those single handedly, but is now handing over the reins. She's done such a great job that it will take not one but three of us to fill her shoes, and we are Lindsay Douglas, Kathryn Radley and Caroline Linney.

We have put together a great programme of activities for the autumn and spring term. We would like to welcome new people as well as familiar faces. Everyone is welcome - parents, grandparents, childminders, whether you want to stay for the whole two hours or just pop in for a cuppa whilst out and about. Come and meet other people with children and tire out the little ones for their nap

A typical session will involve, free play from 10am with cars, bikes, scooters in the physical play area and dolls house, garage, play kitchen, work bench etc in the home corner. The babies have a separate soft area with baby toys, bouncing chair and high chair as well as adult seating. At around 1015 we start a creative activity in a separate area, so those children who wish to can just continue playing. Please see our upcoming events for the programme of creative activities. We provide a drink and snack for the children at 1100. Tea, coffee and biscuits for the grown ups are self service throughout the session. We finish the morning every week with singing or story time.

As you can see we now have a new website thanks to Alex from Freshpage web design.  Nick Langton came and took some photos from one of our sessions and you can see his photos in the gallery.